16 August 2017

Commission Works

Former Supreme Court and City Hall

These are commission work for a client new office.
The client requested these sketches to be done with fountain pens and black ink on hot press watercolour ivory paper.
The client's law office is located in Tanjong Pagar area , naturally scene of old buildings in this area and former Supreme Court is most appropriate.

Club Street

Ann Shiang Hill Road

Maxwell Chamber

Fountain Pen & Watercolour Sketches

National Day Sketch at Merlion Park 
Sketched with fountain pens and water colour wash.

Warm up sketches before AirBnB Experience - " Sketch Singapore with Erwin & Francis " 

AirBnB Experience - " Sketch Singapore with Erwin & Francis " 
These 2 sketches are demonstration sketch for the AirBnB Experience Guest.
Erwin & I conduct sketching experience for AirBnB guests.

Sketched these 2 sketches with fountain pens and pen brush for this weekend interview and photoshoot.

27 July 2017

8th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago

This is how it all started for the Urban Sketchers Singapore as mentioned by Gabi, USK founder. See footage at 25:08.

End of Term

We are now in second term of first semester. The first term of first semester ended in late June. This semester, I was observing a class of non-Chinese students taking a subject called "Introduction to Language and Culture (Mandarin)". It was so inspiring and fun to watch them speaking Mandarin. My colleague also did a wonderful job in engaging them in class.

I was taking part in "20 Sketches 20 Days" on Facebook with sketcher-friends and we needed to sketch at least 20 sketches in a month for this entire year. I recently found an old sketchbook which I bought in Portland when I first attended the Urban Sketchers Symposium in 2010. It was not ideal for sketching when there was a lot of 'show through' as the fountain pen ink 'bled' through the pages which also warped when light washes were applied. Brush pen was better and I would apply digital colours if I had time.

Here are three sketches depicting the classes at different sessions, one with digital colours and two just in black and white.

Tools: Piccadilly Sketchbook size 90x140mm, brush pen and digital colours.

July Sketchwalk at Telok Ayer

This Saturday we'll be at Telok Ayer Street and the adjacent Amoy, Stanley and Boon Tat streets.

Sanwiched between Ann Sinag Hill and the skyscraping towers of Shenton Way, the area has two of the oldest places of worship in the city— Thian Hock Keng temple and Masjid Al-Abrar—along with many conserved shophouses and buildings, like Nagore Dargah.

We will start and end at Telok Ayer Green, a little pocket of coolness in the middle of the precinct. See you there!

Telok Ayer Green
09:30 am: Kick off for new participants
12:30 pm: Gather for "gallery gawk" and see all works

20 July 2017

USK 10x10 ASEAN edition

Here are the videos for the 1st and last day of our USK 10x10 ASEAN edition. It was great to see people and their love for learning and sketching.

11 July 2017

Fountain Sketching

Fountain pen and watercolour pencils

Fountain pen and watercolour pencils

Fountain Pen Ink Wash

Ink wash

Ink wash

Ink wash

Fountain pen and watercolour 

Ink wash

Ink wash

21 June 2017

Weekend Getaway Malacca

Family Weekend Getaway 
I have enjoyed quality time with my family during our weekend getaway in Malacca.
Somehow I managed to squeeze time for some sketching with my limited tools.
My tools - Pilot Custom 823 B nib , Franklin Christoph Model66 1.1 nib , De Atramentis Archive Ink  and Holbein Waterbrush.

A quick sketch during breakfast at a local coffee shop.
Watching the local folks chatting about inflation , cost of living etc etc etc ......

Tourists , tourists and more tourists .
I was sketching at The Dutch Square and was surrounded by Mainland Chinese Tourists , 
just wonder where am I in China or Malaysia ? 

We walked into Ibis Hotel not knowing that the hotel is having a trial soft opening for their staff.
Watching the "guests " checking in .

A Malay Kampung in the heart of the city.

I was waiting for the bus and have an hour to go.
Last minute sketch before the bus come.

20 June 2017

June Sketchwalk at Changi Village

Kick off the long weekend of Hari Raya Aidilfitri with us at the urban kampung of Changi Village. This idyllic enclave, with the pier full of bumboats and old watercraft, red brick midrise buildings and plenty of sea breezes will undoubtedly charm you to capture something in your sketches.

Start & End
9:30 am & 12:30 pm
Changi Village Hawker Centre
*near the POSB ATMs

See you there!

10 June 2017

Black & White Fountain Pens Ink Sketches

These sketches are done with Pilot Custom 823 B nib , Franklin Christoph  model66 1.1 nib , Water brush and De Atramentis Archive Ink. 

Preparing Iftar (break fast ) at the evening market.

Muslim stalls preparing Iftar at a local coffee shop

Bicycle shop at Pulau Ubin

Offering at the local temple at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin Main Street 

Kampong House

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown.